Meet the Band... Albert Taylor Stelling (Alby)

Albert Taylor Stelling (Alby)

Albert Taylor Stelling (Alby) : Percussion

After faffing about with a guitar for about 40 years or so I started to learn the Bb Bass in about 1995/96. I thought I may as well try to join the band instead of just ferrying my son Richard (Principal Eb Bass player) to the 3 bands that he was playing for at that time. I wanted to play drums but our conductor Fiona was not keen on people playing who could not read music. So I then changed to Eb Bass as we decided that I would benefit from the tuition from Richard who already had become an accomplished player.

My mate Frank Thackeray and I had a go at “The Sandpaper Ballet (playing sandpaper blocks)”Frank wasn’t so keen but someone suggested that I had Rhythm and should try the drums. By now we had a new conductor Jason Smith (great bloke) and when I said I would like to try but could not read music he said “I don’t care as long as you can keep the beat” so I started out on the drums in 1997 at the age of 50 years, thankfully my ability to read music is much better now and can even bash out a carol or two on the Bass (need my own carol book with valve positions marked)
I still play guitar and have inherited a Mandolin and Banjo from Richard which I intend to learn now that I am retired. I have helped out out Trimdon and Shildon bands in the past.
I would like to learn to play the Eb Bass properly. I enjoyed the bands recent involvement in “Brassed Off ” and would like to be involved in more of that sort of production, (a totally unrealistic ambition of mine would be to play in the Albert Hall).

I like almost all types of music - obviously Brass but my taste is varied including Heavy Metal, Blues, Folk, Opera, Classical and most types in between. I enjoy most sports mostly from the armchair now but I am a Season ticket holder at Sunderland AFC. My hobbies include Art, DIY, and gardening.

I would like to add - usually the Father is in the Band and the Son follows in his footsteps however I was introduced to the band by son. I will never be able to thank him enough for that or for the help he has given me when I have asked. Here is a joke for you - what do you call someone who hangs out with musicians ? (a drummer).