132nd Durham Miners Gala July 11th, 2016

Saturday 7am July 9th 2016 and the coach set off to Seaham and the Island Social Club to pick up the Vane Tempest banner. The band played whilst marching up Station Road as usual. A while later we got on the coach bound for Durham. In Durham at 8.50am we joined the back of the stream of bands at the crossing on the slip road before the market square. Before we got round the corner outside St. Nicholas’ Church we had played a number of tunes. We also played some numbers with the Eccles Borough Brass Band just before the market square. At 12 noon one of our members had to go (off to a wedding); all before we left the market square. During the day we got wet from the on - off rain. Outside the County Hotel we played “The Red Flag” as usual, then we were asked to play another tune, so we played “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” At 2.15 pm we eventually reached the race course. After a quick lunch we gathered together again at 3.15pm ready to march back. The crowds were vast heading in and out, all singing and cheering. We boarded the coach again at 4.50pm for our return to the band room, where a light “thank you” buffet was greatly appreciated. A very enjoyable day was now at an end. Roll on the next one.